State-of-the-Art Business Aviation Campus

On behalf of Discovery Air, The Water Valley Company is pleased to offer the Discovery Air Aviation Campus and FBO at Northern Colorado Regional Airport. The 29.5-acre campus is one-of-a-kind and will truly set a new standard at the airport for business and general aviation. Located on the south end of the airport, the campus will be the new front door to the airport once Rocky Mountain Avenue is extended and connected with Lindbergh Dr. The multi-phased development is slated to start construction in 2020.

  • Four (4) x ~37,000 SF Hangar/Office Facilities
  • 28′ (H) x 200′ (W) Hangar Door
  • 24,000 SF State-of-the-Art FBO/Terminal
  • 13-acre high-capacity cement ramp and aprons
  • 16 Stall Enclosed Auto Parking

Northern Colorado Regional Airport

Northern Colorado Regional Airport is regionally significant airport located next to I-25 in Loveland, CO. It is owned and co-managed by the city of Loveland and Ft. Collins. The airport is at the epicenter of Northern Colorado and serves as the main conduit for the surrounding communities and Rocky Mountain National Park. The airport is the first in the country to incorporate a "virtual tower" which in 2020 will make it a controlled Class D Airport, which will open the door for commercial services. The airport is growing significantly and currently accommodates roughly 100,000 operations per year.

  • New Virtual Tower (Controlled Class D Airspace)
  • 24/7 firefighting services and snow removal
  • Runways

    • Runway 15/33 - 8,500' x 100' (ILS Rwy 33)
    • Runway 06/24 - 2,273' x 40'
  • Runway 15/33 slated to be expanded to 150′

Discovery Air Site Plan


  • Direct and immediate access to Taxilane A and Rwy 15/33
  • Access to I-25 via Rocky Mountain Ave.
  • Spacious 13-acre high-capacity cement ramp and aprons.
  • Beautiful airport and westerly mountain views
  • Convenient traffic flow
  • Beautifully landscaped and master planned development